Acasta European Insurance Company (formerly Focus Insurance) is launching a number of new before the event insurance products in October all of which will be available to brokers through Acasta Europe’s online portal.

The two before the event insurance products that are leading the charge are Home Emergency Protect Insurance (available to both individuals and landlords) and Motor Breakdown Assistance.  In addition there are some improvements to Acasta’s other before the event insurance offerings which include excess protection, rent guarantee, GAP, gadget and landlords legal protection.

“We are particularly pleased with our Home Emergency policies as these have been in development through various different stages. Our initial concept was to create a before the event insurance product that was in the interest of Landlords and not packaged together with almost useless policies. Being a landlord myself this product includes the needed support and protection that I would require on my own properties whilst being competitive within the market.”

Says Chris Kelly, Sales Director.

Acasta has researched a lot of the issue that surround these types of before the event insurance cover and have included a number of features that we believe will differentiate Acasta’s Home Emergency products. Home Emergency includes a boiler inspection service, no excess, and no limit on the number of claims. If the Insured is a landlord Acasta will include CP12 (gas safety certificates) for the boiler and another appliance, all of which are part of the before the event insurance policy benefits.

Within 2015 Acasta has seen the company expand its operations into Europe and now underwrites business in France, Germany, Spain and Poland with plans to expand into other European territories in 2016.  These lines of business include before the event insurance extended warranty programmes, mobile phone insurance, excess protect, rent guarantee and dommage ouvrage.

Keith Wardell, Managing Director commented

“This year has been very busy and challenging for all the right reasons. We have launched our new portal and products, changed our name, expanded significantly and have a new owner in the form of the Done family (Peninsular Business Services, Bet Fred and a whole host of other business and property interests).  We have also introduced market leading facilities for litigation funding in our traditional ATE business and have surpassed Solvency 2 requirements much before expectations”.

Keith continued

“We are planning to continue to expand our license classes and are looking forward to continuing growth and success in 2016 and beyond”.

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