We offer a variety of warranty products for our clients, such as motor and furniture. Our team have many years’ experience in warranty underwriting. Therefore, we can work with you to create a warranty product suitable for your clients.

Our warranty products offer clients the protection they need. If anything happens to your clients’ product beyond their control, they are protected. Also, the products can be adapted to suit your clients’ needs and tailored to the product that they want to insure.

As our speciality lies within our innovative underwriting, we are happy to look at new warranty schemes. For that reason, we work together to see if we can create a product to provide the cover needed. We adopt a flexible with our approach. Therefore, we work with our partners to provide the most suitable cover for their clients.

Motor Warranty

We offer motor warranty to cover your client’s vehicle. So if any mechanical issues develop, we are able to cover the costs of repairing them. We understand that all vehicles are different. Therefore, our motor warranty products can be adapted. They can cover basic faults or more technical issues.

Furniture Warranty

Our furniture warranty covers your client’s furniture against various faults. We understand that furniture can be an expensive investment and a key part of your client’s home. As a result your client may need the extra protection. Therefore, our products will ensure they are not left at a loss if something happens to it.

Industrial Machine Warranty

Our industrial machine warranty covers your client’s equipment. Therefore, if one of their machines has a mechanical breakdown, they’re business does not suffer. Our warranty can be adapted to offer more or less protection for your clients. Also we can adapt the cover dependent on the type of equipment and the cost.

Brown & White Goods Warranty

Our Brown and White Goods warranty offers your clients peace of mind, should any of their appliances at home break down. An average property contains appliances including a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, TV etc. Our Brown & White goods insurance offers your clients extra protection, as well as reassurance. Therefore they won’t be at a loss in case of the possible breakdown of your household appliances.

Breast Implant Warranty

We offer Breast Implant Warranty for both the client and the surgery. We offer protection for the client, in case anything happens to the implant as a result of the operation. Also, we offer protection for the surgery in case something happens to their clients, so they are protected.

If you would like to find out more about our products, or discuss working with us, contact our team to find out more.