For the last 2 years the management team and staff at Focus have reviewed all our products and services and how they are delivered to our insurance broker and solicitor clients. These are just some of the changes and improvements we have made.

Acasta Broker Developments

We have listened, planned and developed our own specially designed online portal system for our brokers enabling them to transact business effectively. The system has been designed with our clients in mind, working with various brokers to gain important insight to what the system requires and how their current systems could be improved. The process included a direct involvement of our clients with testing, customer satisfaction reporting, feedback review, improving and launching the system with 40 brokers registered and trading business within the first month of launch.

The range of products has also increased for brokers due to company developments and client interest. We have developed our excess protection range, landlords’ legal protection with optional rent guarantee, and mobile & gadget cover. These products have been designed with brokers in mind with the current need of the market. We have seen that the mobile and gadget cover is particularly a good seller as any gadgets claimed on general house insurance will increase home insurance premiums and impact their years of claim free which gives a special need for a separate policy.

Acasta Solicitor Developments

We are now able to offer an increased range of After the Event Insurance and Funding Solutions including Acasta ATE delegated policies for personal injury claims, disbursement funding for employment and clinical negligence matters, and a simple competitively priced third part litigation funding product for commercial disputes

In addition to our new products, we continue to offer an online policy issue facility for our panel firms in respect of delegated policies.

Our bespoke ATE insurance offers an immediate acknowledgement of application submission with a proven achievement target response time of three working days. This allows our business relationship to run effectively without time delays with an experienced and highly qualified team of case reviewers in house. In addition our ATE insurance offers staged premiums and deferred, contingent premiums to suit the needs of our clients.

Acasta Europe Limited

Why Acasta Europe? Over the last 2 years our management team has not just introduced new products in the UK. As we have developed new lines of business our experience, insight and knowledge has led to us being approached by a number of well respected brokers and administrators throughout Europe with whom we are proud to work.

As at the 1st May we are now operating in 8 other European countries including France, Germany, Austria and Spain where we are underwriting programmes for our traditional products such as warranties, rent guarantee, GAP, excess protection and other more specialist insurance covers such as Dommages Ouvrage for the French market.

So while our name has changed, our commitment to delivering an effective, responsive and high level of service combined with innovative product development and the strength to change, improve and respond to market needs and pressure has not.

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