Acasta is proud to sponsor the Manchester Curry Night, organised by AvMA and PIC, to help support and make a difference to people and their families that have been harmed by medical accidents.

The event will be hosted at Asha’s Manchester, where we will be joined by people across the legal industry for an evening of superb food, laughter and networking to raise funds for the amazing work that AvMA do for patient safety and justice.


AvMa Provide free specialist advice

AvMa provide free specialist advice through the dedicated helpline and casework service to offer access to justice to those who have been harmed by clinical negligence. They work tirelessly to ensure that people are held accountable for gross departures from patient safety or attempting to cover up.

Acasta provides support and After the Event insurance for Clinical Negligence claims on a case by case basis. Our underwriters are always on hand to discuss any case and the insurance options we have available to cover any adverse costs.

Acasta believe in providing access to justice, in line with AvMA’s policies. We offer services such as ATE for adverse costs, or Third-Party Litigation Funding for large cases with clients’ that do not have the financial power to fight their cases against large companies.

AvMa’s policy and campaign priorities are informed by the daily contact they have with people whose lives have been devastated by medical accidents. The help and support they provide directly to individuals is at the heart of what they do. The use their experience and expertise to influence policy and practice to improve patient safety, and to ensure access to justice for people who have suffered when there are lapses in patient safety.

As the event sponsor, Acasta is looking forward to meeting with like minded supporters of the charity and we hope to see you there on the 10th of October at Asha’s in Manchester.

You can read more about The Manchester Curry Night, PIC, and AvMA below.

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