Dental Implant Insurance is a warranty that will protect your client against the failure of their dental implants. This is in the event that the implant fails to integrate, dental accident or dental emergency relating to the implant. Dental implants are crucial to your client, therefore it is important for them to have proper protection in place if anything were to go wrong.

This insurance can be sold to dental practices as a whole, protecting dentists if anything were to go wrong with the procedure. It can also be sold to individuals, giving your client a peace of mind before the procedure knowing they are protected against any risks. Additionally, it covers your client whether they are in the UK, or overseas.

The policy will provide cover for 12 months, however can be renewed for another 12 months when required. Furthermore, this is ideal for your client as they will only be paying for what they need to, depending on the state of their implants.

Featured Benefits
  • Covers costs of remedial treatment required as a result of the failure of the implant to integrate.
  • Protects against expenses of treatment required as a result of accidental damage to the implant caused by direct extra-oral impact
  • Covers the cost of emergency treatment related to implant
Dental Implant Insurance

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