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Protective clothing while riding a motorcycle can be the difference between life and death when involved in a serious accident. For this reason alone, your client may invest heavily in their protective gear, such as helmet and leathers. If the gear gets damaged in an accident it is essential to get it replaced as it will not be efficient protection. This can be very costly especially when your client may have invested in high end equipment.

Our Helmet and Leather insurance will help your client financially, replace their protective clothing to make sure they stay safe while out on the road. This insurance covers your clients’ protective equipment when it is damaged beyond repair as the result of a motorcycle accident only. It does not cover for general wear and tear or accidental damage other than in a road accident. The protective equipment will be replaced with the same or a similar style and form as those insured.

What Acasta Can Offer:

  • Covers accidental damage as a result of a road accident.
  • Helps your client replace their protective equipment.
  • Saves your client money.
  • Offers peace of mind in what can be a stressful time.
Helmet and leather insurance

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