Litigation funding has seen substantial growth over the past three years. We have witnessed a rise in new entrants to the market with the vast majority of funders competing and chasing medium to high value claims.

Many lawyers see funding as an aid to progress claims where their client may be impecunious, risk averse or the law firms’ retainer models offer only a partial or hybrid CFA. Funding, however, brings far greater advantages for both the client and practice.

Whilst funding minimises the client’s risk in the litigation process, it also provides similar protection for the law firm. Funding enables practices to capture claims, bring money into their business, assist clients in obtaining access to justice, reduce pressure on costs, manage a claims timeline with cash flow, provide funding that is contingent upon success (non recourse) and in most instances funding can be seen as tactical.

Many firms and enterprises see litigation funding as complex and time consuming to secure.

Acasta works closely with Sparkle Capital Ltd and has two flexible funding products for commercial clients. Each product has a pricing structure to meet the needs and demands of clients in many different types of cases. Sparkle Capital’s funding products strive to achieve a balance between investment returns for the funder and client retention from proceeds. This flexibility and speed of case management is not typical of most funders.

All cases are individually assessed by a specialist team at Acasta who can offer supporting Financial Guarantee Insurance funding terms. Acasta is also well placed to combine funding with After the Event Insurance for adverse costs and disbursments cover.

Please ask for indicative terms in respect of:

  • Sparkle Capital
  • Sparkle Lite

If firms have difficulty in explaining funding opportunities or terms to clients we can help. Our underwriters are happy to discuss the application process and indicative terms with firms at any stage of a case. We can provide indicative terms on estimated costs and damages for a particular case. We can in suitable cases attend client meetings to provide a more comprehensive explanation of our products and services.

We have funded high profie litigation in both high and lower value cases.

Sparkle Capital is exclusive to Acasta. For further information visit our website; or

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