Motor Personal Injury Claims Reach Post LASPO Record High

During the month of July 2015, there were 81,889 RTA personal injury claims registered with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

This is the highest number of new RTA claims registered in a single month for 2015 YTD and also post LASPO.

It is also the 2nd highest month since the Portal began back in May 2010 (the highest previous month unsurprisingly was March 2013 at 90,998).

The majority of RTA Personal Injury claims are brought against defendants who are individual people, but they are almost all insured. In 9 out of 10 cases, the real defendants are insurance companies, with the remainder comprising large self-insured organisations or public bodies. It is quite rare for an uninsured individual to the real defendant.

Instead, policyholders cede control over their case to their insurer or solicitor and thereafter usually play little or no part in the personal injury litigation process.

Even with the introduction of QOCS, disbursements fall outside of protection and the risk of non-recovery by the Solicitor should be protected by ATE cover, as disbursements can be significant when taking into account court fees, medical report fees, witness statements, etc.

Acasta Europe therefore see that there still remains a real need for ATE personal injury Insurance cover in all RTA personal injury cases, as the volume of new RTA claims being registered with the MOJ Portal continues to demonstrate.

Acasta Europe’s RTA Personal Injury premiums start from just £95.00 for Portal & Fast Track cases, are fully self- insured, fully deferred and available on a delegated authority basis. For further information or to contact Acasta Europe Ltd to discuss your ATE requirements, please call 0800 668 1350 or visit

Source: MOJ Executive Dashboard

Number of RTA (Motor) Claim Notification Forms Created and Sent to a Compensator

Jan-15            Feb-15           Mar-15          Apr-15           May-15          Jun-15           Jul-15             Total YTD

77,618           74,156           81,066           72,463           68,759           70,805           81,889           526,756

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