Despite recent changes seen in court litigation fees it appears that the Ministry of Justice is now undertaking a further review. This would potentially see further increases in these litigation fees which is anticipated and introduce higher caps for certain types of litigation cases. For example for civil proceedings may see a general uplift of 10% which has been reported could generate an extra 48m a year through litigation for the government. It is further evidence that the government are trying to ensure that the courts and tribunals charge fees which meets the real costs so as to reduce public spending. The ministry of justice has also confirmed that it will be increasing issue litigation fees for certain types of action in line with new costings. The MOJ conciliation will close in September this year and further announcements will be made at that time. This reinforces the need for proportionate cost effective insurance and litigation funding for all types of litigation or actions brought by claimants whether in courts or tribunals. Sparkle Capital has the funding capacity for small or larger cases where funding is needed or preferred to remove or reduce the costs on the balance sheets. Sparkle Capital can also offer access to justice for those who need the funding to proceed with a genuine case.

Acasta has recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Sparkle Capital, the aim of which is to provide solutions and litigation funding to ordinary claimants in light of the ever increasing costs of bring claims or actions in England and wales.

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