Acasta understand that any business can be involved in a legal dispute. We offer commercial litigation ATE insurance to protect businesses should they have a case. We consider contractual disputes, insolvency, breach of duty, shareholder disputes but we are not limited to just these types of cases. As we look at all commercial cases on a bespoke basis, we can look at any enquiry before we make a decision as to whether or not we can provide cover.

We understand that clients are often put off from taking action due to fear of the legal costs that could be incurred. Our ATE can cover your client for adverse legal costs should their case fail. Our experienced underwriting team, which includes solicitors, understand this. We are able to assess the risks and, in many cases, offer a bespoke insurance policy tailored to your clients needs.  Each case is considered on its individual merits and we aim to give an “in-principle” decision within 3 working days

Our approach to ATE premiums for commercial disputes is to offer staged premiums. We recognise that as a case progresses the risk increases. Early settlement reduces the premium and reflects the risk that the client faces.

ATE Premiums

While our bespoke premiums are quoted on the basis of each case going to Trial, we offer significant discounts linked to the progress of the case. This fairly reflects the lower risks at the earlier stages of the case and the increasing risk profile as a case heads to Trial. Our data shows that most cases settle early, and when they do, the Claimant benefits from the discounted premium.

The discounts are linked to 4 stages in the progress of a case. We are often asked, and are happy to offer (subject to assessment), cover at any stage of the case.

Stage 1.    For policies incepted prior to issue of proceedings.

Stage 2.   Takes effect after legal proceedings have been issued.

Stage 3.    Is effective 8 weeks following service of the disclosure list.

Stage 4.    The final and last stage of the premium is effective from the date 65 days before the date of the Trial or the commencement of the Trial window.


  • In-House team of solicitors and ILEX members who understand your cases.
  • Bespoke terms provided to suit your individual needs.
  • Principle decision made within 3 working days.
  • Litigation Funding available for consideration.

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