At Acasta, we have an experienced team of ATE underwriters, as well as in-house solicitors and ILEX members. Our team have a wealth of experience within the market on a variety of cases and therefore we are able to provide a range of bespoke ATE cover for your clients.

Our bespoke ATE policies can be tailored to cover what your clients’ needs. Each case is looked at by our underwriters on an individual basis thereby allowing us to adapt our levels of indemnity to suit your client’s case.

As the cover is written on a case by case basis, we are able to insure a wide range of litigation matters. Below are some of the products we specialise in, however we are not limited to these.

Additionally, we offer bespoke litigation funding solutions through our partnership with Sparkle Capital. Our underwriters are able to discuss any funding requirements you have.

Our bespoke ATE range includes:

We also look at:

Professional Negligence

Contractual Disputes

Property Litigation

Shareholders Dispute

Contested Probate

Intellectual Property Disputes

As we look at each matter on an individual basis, we require our partners to fill out a proposal form for each case. Our proposal form allows partners to submit a variety of cases for review. The proposal will then be considered by our team of underwriters who will then be in touch to discuss the case in more detail. After this has been completed we will confirm the level of cover we are able to offer.

What can Acasta do for you?