Acasta are pleased to announce we have partnered with NCI online as our new breakdown provider.

At Acasta, we take pride in ensuring we have the best service providers so your clients are left satisfied. Our new partnership with NCI will provide your clients with an efficient recovery service, should they breakdown.

Offering your clients breakdown cover alongside their main motor insurance will ensure they are not left stranded this winter.

Acasta offers Breakdown cover for Car, Van (less than 3,500 kg) and Motorbike, as well as a separate Motorhome product. The low-cost product complements your client’s main insurance to create further revenue for your business. It also gives them the added protection and helps them avoid additional costs should they breakdown.

Benefits of NCI

  • Expert technology to ensure recoveries are completed quickly and to a high standard.
  • Can locate the recovery vehicle closest to your client to ensure they are not left waiting long.
  • Recovery drivers are rated to ensure the most suitable driver is always allocated.
  • Estimates costs of recovering and repairing your client’s vehicle.

Our Breakdown Products


Our products cover vehicles under 15 years old and we offer up to six call outs per policy per year. If your client has a caravan or trailer attached, Acasta will recover this vehicle at no extra cost.

We offer three different breakdown levels to ensure that your clients are protected depending on their driving habits and whether they travel solely in the UK or across Europe. These are:


Bronze will arrange for a recovery vehicle to reach your client if they are over a mile away from their home when they breakdown. If it cannot be repaired at the scene, we will arrange recovery and transport to the nearest garage available.


As Bronze plus:

We will also ensure if the nearest garage cannot repair your client’s vehicle that your client and up to 6 passengers and the insured vehicle are taken to their home or original destination. If the repairs cannot be completed within an agreed timescale, your clients will be able to claim up to £100 towards the cost of alternative transport. We can also offer emergency overnight accommodation for them if necessary.


As Bronze & Silver plus:

Cover throughout Europe. Should they breakdown whilst travelling on their inbound or outbound journey we will provide assistance as quickly as possible. This covers your clients for a maximum of 3 months of EU travel per annum.

To find out more about the motor breakdown products we offer at Acasta, and view our rates and policy wordings, you can log onto our portal. Alternatively, you can contact to find out any further information.

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