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Litigation Funding

Commercial and Higher Value Funding

Sparkle Capital is a third party litigation funding option that is designed for and aimed at cases where the amount of damages is likely to exceed £1,000,000.

Commercial and Lower Value Funding

A third party litigation funding option called Sparkle Capital Lite that has been designed to cater for smaller claims where the damages are likely to be less than £1,000,000.

ATE Insurance

Commercial Litigation Insurance

Acasta underwrites a wide range of commercial litigation ATE insurance  insurance policies using our experienced in house team of solicitors.

Delegated Authority

We are able to offer delegated authority with self-issue policies for personal injury and commercial cases.

Personal Injury Insurance

Personal injury insurance cover (ATE) for all types of personal injury claims including Road Traffic Accidents, Employers, Public and Occupiers Liability claims and Industrial Injuries including Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence insurance (ATE) covers adverse costs as well as disbursements

Scheme Underwriting

Broker Products Dental implant warranty
Broker Products Deposit Guarantee

Dental Implant Warranty

Protecting your client in the event that any damage were to come to their dental implants, as well as if their implants do not integrate.

Deposit Guarantee

Covers your client in the event that damage is done by them or their party to a holiday rental property.

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