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Employment Insurance – After The Event Insurance

ATE employment insurance


The changes in the Employment Tribunal system may mean that the number of unfair dismissal claims being presented and pursued have reduced in numbers but it doesn’t follow that the actual numbers of unfair dismissal claims have reduced.  The new costs implications have an impact on both claimants and those representing them.

If you are an experienced employment lawyer you will no doubt be aware that since the changes to the rules on fees the number of employment tribunals and cases pursued have dropped by over 70%. Acasta do not believe that this is due to employers getting much better at handling dismissals or discriminating less, rather that the financial burdens and potential cost implications have lead to fewer genuine cases being pursued.

Acasta can offer:
  • An ATE Employment insurance policy that can provide cover against tribunal fees, counsels fees, experts reports and adverse costs up to £15,000.
  • The premium can be deferred until conclusion and is self insured.
  • A non-recourse funding option to allow disbursements to be funded to relieve the pressure on solicitors and claimants and make the route to a conclusion less stressful and expensive.
  • Simple online policy issue (and if funding is utilised an on-line draw down facility)
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