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Simple, transparent litigation funding available for both high and low value claims

Funding is well established particularly in the United States and Australia and is becoming accepted in the English Courts as a characteristic of modern litigation. In recent years funding and CFAs have, therefore, been received by the English Courts as an acceptable means to bring and progress claims. Funding is a useful tool to assist in obtaining access to justice and is now seen by the courts as a commercial agreement by which a claimant is prepared to forgo an […]

Home Emergency Insurance is crucial.

Can home insurance adequately cover your clients in case of an emergency? Home insurance has been designed to cover your property against damage, legal liability, and theft however most of these policies only offer retrospective claims pay-outs to repair the situation after the emergency is over. The most common and standard home insurance policy covers your clients for building, or building and contents ensuring that the structure of the build and the permanent fixtures such as kitchens and bathrooms can […]

The future is Litigation Funding?

ATE and Litigation Funding has become a highly specialist sector which now requires; ATE insurers, Funders, Solicitors and Barristers to work closely together to deliver the precise solution to their clients financial exposure, retainer arrangements and certainty. Equally law firms too require certainty… Litigation funding has seen dramatic growth over the past five years and continues to grow with increased demand. Many firms whilst discussing a potential retainer arrangement with their client also discuss in some detail the potential of […]

UNISON Supreme Court Victory against Employment Tribunal Fees

On 26 July 2017, UNISON won what it has described as a landmark court victory against the government. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government had acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced employment tribunal fees on 29 July 2013. The fees were imposed by the then Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling. The President of the Law Society, Joe Egan, has commented on the ruling: “This decision is a triumph for access to justice, […]

Create additional and automatic revenue streams with the Acasta Portal

Create additional and automatic revenue streams with the Acasta Portal We are helping some of our broker partners earn extra revenue from their website by introducing our free to use B2C technology. More policies are now sold online than anywhere else. We have developed our B2C iFrame technology to allow your customers to buy the entire range of Acasta products, or selected few, on your website with the monies paid directly into your account. Acasta’s Ecommerce connection allows you to […]