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Home Emergency Insurance is crucial.

Can home insurance adequately cover your clients in case of an emergency?

Home insurance has been designed to cover your property against damage, legal liability, and theft however most of these policies only offer retrospective claims pay-outs to repair the situation after the emergency is over.

The most common and standard home insurance policy covers your clients for building, or building and contents ensuring that the structure of the build and the permanent fixtures such as kitchens and bathrooms can be replaced if damaged. If a disaster were to occur then an insurance sum will be paid out to either replace or fix the contents in the property which can be a lengthy process with claims handling and proof of damage required.

Home Emergency insurance is a crucial additional cover which helps your clients with exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Plumbing, security, roofing, infestation, heating systems are a significant problem and in most cases, needs to be addressed immediately to reduce further damage and costs. However, we find that without an emergency support line your clients will have to rely the uncertainty and possible risk of seeking an unverified professional to fix their problem as fast as they can.

Handling damage and reducing cost 24/7

Home Emergency insurance gives your clients the peace of mind and a 24/7 helpline for when the worst happens and a verified professional will visit the property as soon as possible to minimise the damage and fix any issues as soon as they arrive. This not only reduces the claim of repairing the property on their main home insurance but offers a full rounded protection that can cover for:

  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Electricity Supply
  • Security (locks, doors, windows etc.)
  • Roofing
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Cooker/Oven
  • Water Supply
  • Gas Supply
  • Pest Infestation
  • Primary Heating System
  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Replacement of Parts or Components

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An Insurance policy that can proactivity protects from future damage

After intense market research and analysis, we have found that most emergencies that occur within household is due to their boiler either breaking or malfunctioning. Whilst this is arguably one of the most expensive and important features of a home, few covers proactively check to the working condition of your system when you go on cover.

Acasta’s Home Emergency insurance policy includes an annual boiler service automatically included in its Plus policy that instructs a verified technician to inspect the system to ensure that it’s in full working order for the year ahead. This is especially beneficial within the colder months where most systems can experience failures, and ultimately the time of the year that your client needs the boiler in full working condition.

Acasta provides insurance for home emergency in three different levels as we are aware that some of your clients may have protection on individual elements within the property. Acasta offers:

Home Emergency Standard (without boiler cover & service)
Home Emergency Plus (with boiler cover & service)
Landlord Home Emergency (with boiler cover, service, and Gas Safety certificate)

Without a live-in Landlord, the client is first aware of the emergency.

With our landlord home emergency protect we realise that, with the exception of live in landlords, the tenants are the first to report an emergency and the first to need assistance. With this in mind, we have designed the cover for the tenant to be able to contact the emergency support line to handle the emergency rather than contacting the landlord who may be busy or unavailable when disaster strikes.

Acasta’s range of home emergency insurance has been carefully designed to cover all common eventualities that may occur and streamlined the emergency contact process to ensure that your clients emergency isn’t an emergency for long.

All our policies are available to purchase on the Acasta Broker Portal with instant documentation and a delegated authority to write the policies. The Acasta Broker portal can also be utilised to create your own buy-online facility completely free of charge to generate additional sales automatically through your website.

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