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The future is Litigation Funding?

ATE and Litigation Funding has become a highly specialist sector which now requires; ATE insurers, Funders, Solicitors and Barristers to work closely together to deliver the precise solution to their clients financial exposure, retainer arrangements and certainty.

Equally law firms too require certainty…

Litigation funding has seen dramatic growth over the past five years and continues to grow with increased demand. Many firms whilst discussing a potential retainer arrangement with their client also discuss in some detail the potential of obtaining third party litigation funding which has all too often been previously overlooked but is becoming more popular and important to allow cases to go forward.

Acasta in association with Sparkle Capital provides variable litigation funding models which are being successfully delivered into the litigation sector and which both satisfies the demands and needs of potential claimants and also the law firm where applicable.

Our flexible attitude to litigation funding has set the bar well and truly high.

Litigation Funding has all too often been the preserve of high value claims with high barriers of entry and an abundance of prerequisites which may not always fit to the dynamics of the claim. Acasta believe we offer a flexible proposition with or without ATE cover that is adaptable to many claims.

By understanding the requirements of the “consumer” and law firms we have the ability to innovate and meet such needs.

• Acasta can offer third party litigation funding with or without an ATE policy.

• Litigation Funding can start from as little as £10,000

• Funds can be used to fund the Solicitors own costs as well as Counsel’s fees and disbursements. The choice of how much and how the funds are used are up to the Solicitor and the Client.

• All Sparkle litigation funding is non-recourse in the event of the case being lost.

As a highly competitive provider with an overwhelming ethos to work closely with law firms we believe that any lawyer who is seeking litigation funding, with or without ATE should be speaking to us.

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