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Property Insurance

Property Insurance


Here at Acasta our aim is to support brokers and insurance wholesalers who need underwriting capacity for property schemes. We don’t believe that this can be achieved by simply creating an “off the shelf” product.

We are looking to work with insurance professionals who have established or are looking to create niche property insurance schemes and can demonstrate an understanding of their niche. Once established Acasta can look at your proposal with our expert knowledge of the field to accurately insure your properties or your clients’ needs and wishes. The insurance scheme can be completely bespoke however if you have a scheme in mind that you feel is already working within the industry we are more than happy to look at this to compare against current market requirements.

We also run a number of insurance programmes both in the UK and across eight European countries with the facility to underwrite property insurance schemes.

Acasta can offer programmes for:
  • underwriting capacity and support
  • co-insurance on existing schemes
  • rapid response to enquiries
  • an innovative and flexible approach
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