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Motor Legal Protect

Motor Legal Protect insurance

Motor accidents are one of the most common accidents that will affect you financially and is a major concern for all those who drive. We rely on our vehicle for general transport and if this is taken off the road, your client is left with a lot of problems with nothing to cover them. Rather than waiting for an accident to happen and then try and get a solicitor who is willing to take on your case, our motor legal protect insurance will cover you for the worst as soon as it happens.

Before the event Motor legal protection will cover your clients’ in the case of an accident whether in the UK or Europe for all of their legal costs that may be involved. Whilst the car is unsafe to drive we will provide the costs for a hire car until your clients’ car is either repaired or replaced.

Motor legal protect insurance will cover you up to £50,000 worth of legal costs that your client may need to make or defend against.

Motor legal protect insurance empowers your client to pursue legal rights in the event of an accident. The policy will protect your client from legal costs arising from:

  • Recovering your clients’ costs and expenses which are not covered by their motor policy, such as their policy excess
  • Motor protect insurance covers your clients’ within the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union
  • Pursuing a claim for personal injury or death
  • Accessing a replacement vehicle while theirs’ is being replaced or repaired
  • A legal expert to contact your client who will offer to act for them in relation to the recovery of your uninsured losses
  • Available on our bespoke broker portal
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