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Home Emergency Insurance

home emergency insurance

What your client needs

Homes are probably the most important possession that the general public have. They are where they live with their families and where they feel comfortable and safe.

Millions of people cover against damage/loss to their homes and contents. We have recognised that accidents do happen and we need to take steps to protect their homes. What many do not realise is that household insurance deals with the consequences of the claim but doesn’t give immediate help if there is a home emergency.

Does your client have?

  • A wide network of trusted tradesmen who they can contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help if there is a home emergency?
  • Who will come out and fix their central heating boiler at 11.00 pm on a cold winter night with boiler cover?
  • Or stop the water escaping from a burst pipe in a home emergency?
  • If their roof is damaged during a storm do they have some body who can come out and stop the damage spreading with home insurance?
  • Do they know a locksmith who can repair or replace damaged locks or who can get them into their home if they lose their keys?

If they don’t have this sort of contact list or they simply don’t want to trust to luck then they should have home emergency cover insurance.

What we provide with our home emergency insurance

One telephone call to a single number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can get your client help and assistance from a nationwide network of highly skilled and approved tradesmen if they have a problem with their home arising from:

  • Boiler Breakdown causing loss of heating and/or hot water with boiler cover
  • Failure of their home’s gas, water or electricity supply with home emergency insurance
  • Failure or damage to their home’s plumbing and/or drainage system with home emergency insurance
  • Their home being insecure as a result of damage to locks on doors and windows etc. with home emergency insurance
  • Damage to the roof with our home insurance
  • Pest infestation with our home emergency insurance
  • Failure of their cooker or oven with our home emergency insurance

Choosing a home emergency cover insurance policy can be difficult. There are many differences between the products available with some companies offering a wide range of levels of cover. These also include a wide range of sums insured and restrictions on what they will provide. Our approach is very simple.

We offer a single comprehensive service to private home owners.

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