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Excess Protection

excess protection


Policy excesses have been increasing, particularly on motor insurance as rates have risen and many policies now include a compulsory policy excess in addition to any voluntary excess taken.  Whilst most people think only of motor insurance it is possible to buy our excess protect product cover household and private medical policy excesses and we are always prepared to consider specific requests if there is a big enough sample.

It is becoming popular for clients to have a larger excess to reduce the cost of annual insurance premiums. This is causing concerns as they often find that the upfront costs are simply too high when making a claim. Our Excess Protection policy can help with this. Excess payments for motor, household and private medical insurance range from as little as £100 to over £1000 which has been reported to be the main point of concern when claiming on their insurance. Acasta can provide the peace of mind that an excess payment will be refunded following a claim covered by the underlying policy of insurance.

By offering our excess protect product you can reduce your clients’ premiums whilst retaining business.

Cover is available for any named or authorised driver on the insurance policy and covers private car, commercial motor,  taxi, and motor trade. Cover is also available for household
or private medical insurance.

Acasta can offer:
  • Simple premium rates bases upon the excess amount
  • Straightforward policy issue and bordereau declarations
  • Excellent additional cover offering to increase revenue and customer satisfaction
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