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Clinical Negligence Funding


ATE Clinical Negligence Funding

Post Jackson we have seen many practises shift from “run of the mill” personal injury to the more complex area of ATE clinical negligence claims. What has become apparent from this shift is that many lawyers now appreciate the cost and time that ATE clinical negligence matters involve.

Acasta has been supplying insurance for ATE clinical negligence cases for some years but we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with a highly professional and experienced funding partner.

With a rather unique approach we have a different approach to funding in so far that they will fund both on an ongoing or retrospective basis disbursements and own sides costs for a flat percentage of the damages received rather than a monthly or annual interest charge.

By combining the Funding facility with an Acasta ATE policy we have created a product that offers the best possible combination of claim funding with protection against adverse costs and loan protection.

Typically funding and ATE protection is available for claims with potential damages of £50,000 upwards.

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