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Acasta Litigation Funding Range


Litigation Funding Range

Litigation FundingCommercial and Higher Value Disputes (excluding personal injury)

In late 2014 we entered into an exclusive partnership with Sparkle Capital Ltd to provide LitigationFunding for commercial and a wide range of non-injury cases. Initially this was only for high value cases with a requirement for at least £200,000 of Litigation funding and is modelled quite closely on other schemes currently offered but with a simpler and more straightforward charging method.

Litigation Funding

Commercial and Lower Value Disputes (excluding personal injury)

As this facility has developed it has become clear that there are many thousands of cases that fall below this Litigation funding requirement but still need funding to follow them through but where the traditional cost of third party funding i.e. interest and a percentage of the damages received make it an unattractive option.

In response to this we are now able to offer Sparkle Capital Lite which is designed to be used on cases where the amount of Litigation Funding required can be a little as £10,000 up to a maximum of £200,000. The other major difference between our two Litigation Funding options is that Sparkle Capital Lite does not take a share of the damages and the fee for Litigation Funding is a straight forward calculation based upon the funded amount and the period the Litigation Funding is required for. This means that a solicitor will be able to advise a client of the cost of the Litigation Funding at any stage of their claim.

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Litigation Funding

Clinical Negligence Cases

The impact on an individual who has been misdiagnosed or mis-treated by doctors and others can be catastrophic. The financial burden on the Claimant in obtaining legal representation and expert reports to support any claim can be severe.. This was recognised in the Jackson reforms which still make an element of any ATE policy covering disbursements recoverable from the opponents but this does not provide a complete solution.

In response to this and in partnership with a Litigation Funding, who specialise in providing Litigation Funding to pursue clinical negligence claims we can provide a solution to the claimant. The Litigation Funding can be used to finance medical reports, issue fees, counsels fee etc. Furthermore the Litigation Funding will part fund solicitors own costs and will be happy to provide the Litigation Funding retrospectively in suitable cases.

As with all Litigation Funding services offered by Acasta in conjunction with our partners the Litigation Funding is non-recourse should the case be lost. You only pay if your claim succeeds and you receive damages by way of compensation.


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